Cilantro Dips (Ambat Chaguno)  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kothamalli Chutney (in Tamil) is one of the most common side dishes for Idlis or Dosa in Tamil Nadu. This recipe is one of my mom's famous simple recipes. :)


1. Cilantro (cleaned) - 1 bunch
2. Urad daal - 1 tsp
3. Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
4. Ginger (chopped) - 1 tsp
5. Red chillies - 2 (increase according to your taste)
6. Salt
7. Oil


1. In a pan, heat 2 tbsp of oil and add urad daal, cumin seeds, red chillies and chopped ginger.

2. After a few seconds, add the chopped cilantro and mix well for 4 minutes.

3. Remove from flame, cool it and blend it with salt and a little water (1/4 cup).

4. Again, heat 1 tbsp of oil in the pan and add the chutney to the pan and fry nicely for 5 minutes.

5. Kothamalli chutney is one of the best side dishes for idli or dosa.

Coriander Dips is my entry to the Chutney/Dip Mania" Event @ Mane Adige hosted by Ramya.

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